FPGA feedback control system for SMPS

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Hi everyone,

Im designing a half bridge topology SMPS. So in order to control both the transistors switches i have decided to use a digital control system (FPGA). Is using FPGA a good idea for the control feedback loop. please advise.

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I'm not a designer of such things, but it's always a good idea to look into how the industry does it. Save the reinvention of the wheel.

Last time I looked, there was an optocoupler arrangement in the oscillator control loop.


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I'd say that unless you have some really extreme specifications an FPGA would be excessive. There are SMPS supplies that have to maintain specifications to tight tolerances that in normal commercial use are not needed. In those instances you might be able to reduce cost and parts with an FPGA.

For most applications a simple circuit is sufficient and there are a wealth of application specific integrated circuits that are available at low cost.

If you want to or must use an FPGA then you may want to look on Amazon for books on smps supplies then consider how to do that in an FPGA

I have no idea of the quality of these books they are just listed on amazon. I've found McGraw Hill a good source in the past.