Fourier Transform

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    First of all, can anyone recommend me a good signals and systems forum on the internet as it doesn't seem this one is built to deal with signals and systems specifically.

    But here goes.

    A continous time signal x(t) has fourier transform:
    X(t) = 1 / (jw + b)
    Determine the fourier transform of the signal:
    v(t) = 1 / (jt - b)

    Compute the generalised fourier transform of the following signals:
    1.x(t) = 1/t ; -∞ <t < ∞
    2.x(t) = 3cos(t) + 2sin(t); -∞ < t < ∞
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    Apr 10, 2008
    Shortest answer: matlab.

    Short answer: use a table of transform pairs as well as properties of CFT.

    Long answer: plug into definition and solve integral (properties will help here too)

    I'm guessing they want you to use the definition... take a stab at it and let us know where ya get.