fourier series

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    Nov 25, 2007
    well as by the subject this qestion is about fourier series. for my hoemwork i must derive the fourier series for a half wave rectified sine wave.

    im am stuck to use the general equation, because looking at the waveform, it doesnt look like it would be an even or odd fuction from sine -f(x) ≠ f(-x) or f(x) ≠f(-x). my question is for the am i suppose to get value of Ak and Bk(co-effieceints) or which of these will i only have values for. so far i have worked out Bk which gave 0 for all values of k, am i on the right track or what?

    if im not decriptive enough plz tell me:) and ty for advice and help in advance
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    Jul 24, 2008
    You know the definition of the fourier series, correct? You can define the function for the half-rectified sine wave as sin(2*pi*t/T) from 0 to T/2 and 0 from T/2 to T. Simply plug this in for the integrals for Ak and Bk, respectively, and solve accordingly...

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