Four 3.2v LEDs & two 1w 56 ohm rest.

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Just singed up & need help, Question: I have four LED's w/ forward voltage 3.2 ,max voltage 3.5V reverse voltage 5V, peak forwd. current 100mA , wattage consumption 0.064 , I want to use in a car so I have 12 V Batt. for power. I think I need two 1w 56 ohm resistors with LED's wired in series. Will this work and where do I put the switch ?(switch is factory 12 V) and will the switch work with this? Any help would be appreciated.


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Sounds sane enough and about right. Ohms law maths for a bunch of LEDs isn't that critical. Perhaps add in some over voltage clamping protection in case the alternator fails (overcharging as a result of the regulator failing)


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