Found in a toy - "Lithium capacitor"?

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I took apart a toy RC car and found it was powered by a "Lithium Capacitor". Does anyone have more information on these?


Is this something special, or just a normal lithium battery that was just packaged in the same casing as a capacitor?



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On what are you basing this on being a lithium cap? Not sure what that number is. Could be a date code; March 27, 2020.

Admittedly, caps have the black stripe (can be other colors too) indicating the negative lead of an electrolytic cap.


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Definitely Lithium. But I can't read the entire marking on it. Does look like a cap though. Like Tony said, the positive marking is not consistent with electrolytic capacitors. First time I've ever heard of a Li-Cap. But then again I'm not well versed in all things electronic.


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Apparantly that's what some are calling super caps. However I have found some somewhat conflicting information. Some say a SuperCap is basically just a capacitor with the cathode of a lithium battery, but some state it is indeed a battery+cap hybrid. I don't know, maybe no difference between the two. Without a Farad rating printed on it though, I think Irving may have nailed it.