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    In the passed I have setup email forwarding from many different account types gmail , yahoo , work email ,...etc

    I have also with google voice setup call forwarding to another phone and I am assuming other SIP phone accounts / voip services you would setup call forwarding in a similar way.

    But my question is what about IM forwarding and text message forwarding?
    I have recently seen you can setup text message forwarding but I am curious can you forward your IM conversations to another IM account while in progress yet. Or is that not setup really yet because they want to make sure it is not going to be more of a security problem then a new feature

    Just curious if anybody knows if this can be done in the settings of google or yahoo ....etc

    In theory it would be easy for developers to code for simply open another socket to the next IM service / protocol and tunnel it/pipe it over.

    In currently I know you maybe able to come close in saving your conversations automatically and then forwarding as an email type of thing to another account... though this wouldn't be in real time unless you saved conversation every 10 seconds or so...
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    Jul 21, 2008
    This is what I was kind of looking for

    but for yahoo and gmail...

    as well as way to interface to another im account

    Seems to me it is just interfacing with an im account/email account to your phone with txt msg's

    It would also be nice to have to forward to another IM account the chat...

    But this is probably equivalent as join as a group chat or irc.... still it would be nice no matter what account or im services you are on if somebody sends it to your im/email account that you are not useing at the time to forward all that stuff to the other one that you are logged into... (or at least giving you a setting where you can set this up ,,,etc)

    Anybody know?
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    This sounds like something pidgin could do