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hi all this is my 1st post: My project i am building some auto open /shut garden gates the gates are not heavy and i have sorted out the mechanics of the system but am having a problem getting my head round the wiring of the contact er, the motor i am using (240 ac) can be wired in either direction , i intend to wire the motor so it can be used in both rotations using a contact er, the gate will travel from left to right and when it meets with the gate post at the end of the gate travel a switch will be activated switching the contacter over to the other rotation of the motor so the gate can travel in the opposite direction once again activating a switch switching the contater over to its original position I realize that there will need to be an interupt otherwise the gates will just continue to go back and forth, this will be by means of cannibalized garage auto opener remote switch , i also intend to run in parallel switches incorporated in the gate itself as a fail safe should something become trapped

is there any body that may be able to advise me on this one