forward counting binary counters

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Hi there people! i'm working on an FM transmitter project for my 2nd yr project at uni. We're also required to generate a digital audio signal that'll be transmitted through the transmitter.

I'm approaching the later task using a 5 bit binary counter to count the number of musical notes i'd like to be played(32 notes).

What methods can i use to have the 5-bit binary counter do "forward counting" for me?

So far I've tried using D flip-flops and its work great...but are there any others?


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For best results use some microcotroller (if you know how to program it). If not, use a BCD counter like CD4520 (is the same pinout as 4518 that you can see here )

Each chips has 2X4bit BCD counter so you can cascade those two counters (by connecting the Q3 output of chip 1 to the /CLK of the seccond counter (also can be found as "enable" pin) and keep the CLK input permanent LOW. You now have an 8 bit counter. If you want to have maximum count at b'11111', then connect the Q1 (seccond bit) of the seccontd counter to the RST of both counters.

If you need more information and some schematic, ask for more help.