forum rules and ToS ???

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So for now this is MY last post.
I was writing an answer to THIS thread. It was not very short, and then I saw it disappear with a single click from Mr. B. explaining that it was against the ToS.

NO, it wasn't.

Since it was deleted I cannot remember the exact wording, but I explained to the OP that he won't be able to discuss circuits for a non-isolated UPS on this forum, if he ever gets to build one. I did this by explaining to him the general functioning of a UPS, which doesn't necessarily need an input transformer, so all components like rectifier, battery charger, inverter and static switch will not be isolated from mains.

But obviously I am not even allowed to tell someone WHY he won't be able to discuss those circuits here. I did NOT draw any circuits or link to anything "forbidden".

Dear other moderators, when deleting posts please consider also the time people spend to write something up. This behaviour is extremely frustrating and overexaggerated IMO. I know what it is written in the ToS.

There are great people here, and I really enjoyed the forum, but I guess I will back off a little bit.

This is just an information and not a discussion thread. So please don't post stupid comments like, if you don't like it go elsewhere or similar.
Some mods ARE not acting correctly and I hope that not every moderator will be doing it the same way.

Cheers guys
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Us AAC Mods are pretty close and will stand for each other. Your post is not deleted, but it is moderated, meaning that it is invisible to anyone but the mods. Even if it was deleted, though, the system keeps backups.

In your post, you described in a suggestive tone the general principle of operation of a UPS, making it specific that it doesn't need an isolation transformer. Even if you intended to discourage the OP, you basically not only pointed him towards the direction of building it, but you also told him that a transformer isn't needed.

Verbage is important and makes all the difference. I will send you your message via mail, so that you can see what you have written, and if you want, you can repost it, after you have done the necessary corrections.

Thank you for your time.


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praondevou, I would hate to see you leave, as you have enthusiasm and knowledge -- and you've posted many thoughtful messages. I encourage you to work with the moderators to resolve this. I completely empathize about the amount of effort some posts take (sometimes I put a lot of effort into one response), but obviously some moderator felt it wasn't appropriate. So I can see how that would torque you off. On the other hand, one of the values of AAC is being friendly and safe for newbies and I know the moderators take such things seriously. But I'll bet it can be worked out to both of your satisfactions. Two things that make AAC a good forum are good moderators and good contributors like you.

Another thought: as in many parts of life, things look a lot different if you let them sit for a little while. Give it a few days and you'll probably think differently about the whole thing. I hope so, because I sure don't want to see you go away.

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as in many parts of life, things look a lot different if you let them sit for a little while. Give it a few days
Wise words. I gave it a few hours ... ;)
I still don't see what exactly was wrong with the post, since nothing I said could be used to build a non-isolated UPS solely based on my words. However, Georacer showed me how to modify the message to make it ToS-compatible. It's important to have a feedback from the mods. Thanks for that.



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praondevou, I was wondering where you went to. I respect you for the efforts you put into helping out on AAC. I have also been asked to comply with the TOS and promptly deleted my posts. I also respect the mods and the owners of the site. There are some things that I believe are too strict but it is their call, not mine. There are too many positives about AAC so I hope you can put a few minor irks behind and stay with us.

You may have noticed I have only started one thread. I enjoy helping others but the humorous banter with R!f@@ and loosie is too much fun to miss.

Was that you I saw in Occupy Montreal on Saturday?
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I'm really glad that things were resolved to your satisfaction. It would have been a big loss if you had decided to leave.

I for one really appreciate all of the help that you have been giving to so many members that need it.

While the rules might sometimes seem overly restrictive, they are in place for very good reasons, as the majority of the member population are neophytes with little, if any formal training. I try to keep that focused in my mind while I'm posting on here, as I want our budding hobbyists to enjoy lots of experiments/projects, and do so safely.

You're not the only one who occasionally gets frustrated/irritated with something or someone. When I feel that I'm starting to get "testy", I'll simply go do something else for awhile; it'll still be there when I get in a better mood.

Again, thanks for all the help you've given to the members.


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Hee hee heee.. I am funny...

No Really.... :D

What is banter :confused:

@ Praondevou...
Pish posh...forgive and is too expensive to deny good friends.
You are not going any where...if you , your gonna miss us. :cool: