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  1. NY10

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    Jul 30, 2010
    Hi, all

    I am trying to come up with some kind of formula that will effectively or optimize the battery usage.

    I have two batteries, primary 24v and secondary 24v.

    I am using these two batteries simultaneously. For example, 12v from primary and 6v from secondary.

    Does anyone know how to come up with effective or optimizing formulas for this type of situation ?

    Following is information;

    Primary battery

    Secondary battery

    variable definitions:
    splitper = percentage of primary battery used that cycle. 1-
    splitper is secondary battery percentage
    dutyCycle = period
    thorttlepos = throttle position
    hightime_p = time primary battery is high for that period
    hightime_s = time secondary battery is low for that period
    lowtime_p = time primary battery is low for that period
    lowtime_s = time secondary battery is low for that period

    how variable are currently used:
    hightime_p = dutycycle*throttle pos*splitper
    hightime_s = dutycycle*throttle pos*(1-splitper)

    lowtime_p = (1-dutycycle)*thottlepos * splitper
    lowtime_s = (1-dutycycle)*throttlepos * (1-splitper)

    I need to find formula for split percentage. That depends on throttle
    pos (position) and secondary battery
    It needs to be such that the average output voltage is the same for
    the case where there is only 1 battery being use and if there is both
    batteries being used

    I hope this give you enough information to point me to right direction or help me out.
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    Apr 20, 2004
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