Forced Feedback Button Actuation

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I'm looking for a specific part and I don't know if it exist. What I want to do is make a button "stuck" for a game controller if I don't want the user to do something. For example, I don't want the user to be able to press a button for a certain amount of time (it will physically be stuck).

What I'm looking for is an actuator that is very small where a logical "1" would make a lever go up (making the button stuck) and a logical "0" would allow the button to be used. I'd preferably like this actuator to be 1x1x1 cm in dimensions, or smaller if possible.

Anyone have an idea of where I can find such a part?

I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide.



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Why don't you try to achieve this with electric parts and not mechanical ones?

Use an AND gate and wire the button signal and your control signal (via a NOT gate) on its inputs. The gate will output a high logic only when your control signal is low assuming both buttons are NO.


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There is an easier solution than the gates solution. A simple NC push button in series with the joystick button.