force generated by an electromagnet

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    Aug 24, 2007
    I was messing with ViziMag (a magnetic field sim) and I built this (it is the image ). According to Vizimag, the force pulling the Electromagnet would be 322,000 Pounds. That doesn't sound right but who knows.

    Here is everything on the Electromagnet

    It is a horseshoe type Electromagnet with square edges.
    Size = 10 inch coil diameter
    inner = 10 inches and outer equals 30 inches in total.
    Core Perm = 1000
    Windings = 750
    Current = 100 Amps
    Inductance of coils = 1.22 Henrys
    Field strength at coil = 2 Tesla's
    Distance between Coils = 60 Inches

    Magnetic regions between coil perm = 1000
    Size = L -58 inches / W - 10 inches

    so does 322,000 Pounds sound like a reasonable force for a Electromagnet configuration such as this?
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    Feb 12, 2009
    Well, 750 turns carrying 100A is one heck of a electromagnet! What I don't understand is where exactly this force is occurring. Is it inside the iron core itself? There is no gap in the core? But with no gap, probably quite likely.

    This is called magnetostriction or magnetostrictive strain.
  3. wes

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    Aug 24, 2007
    well in reality you wouldn't want any gap in the core, but the program says you need to make sure the square line around the EM that is used to calculate the force can't intersect another object, so you have to leave a small gap for it to work right.

    If you look on the first image, you will see a blue line around the top EM. I believe the force is calculated based on the field strength at location of the blue lines