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Discussion in 'Math' started by wes, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Aug 24, 2007
    Ok this is probably a dumb question and gonna make look like a retard but I am not sure how to calculate it and I want to know how.

    I have been messing with Vizimag and looking at the forces produced between so magnets. I am not sure how to calculate and how great a force difference there is between two different scenarios

    Here are the Numbers for the two scenarios:
    1st 2nd
    + 4.47-4 - 5.42-6
    0.000447 0.00000542

    It's simple if there in the same direction but when the opposite, I am not sure.
    Obviously there is a big difference in the force since they are in opposite directions. I know the forces are pretty close together but there in opposite directions. I can't just dived one from the other because that would be incorrect since there actually in two different directions.

    So how would I calculate how big the differnce is. Like say there is a 10x or 20x difference in force from the perspective of the first.