FMEA Process - Clarification

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Hi ,

I'm a newbie in the FMEA process and wanted to as a basic question on the same .

While exploring through various FMEA templates for one of my board design , I came across templates focusing on RPN (Risk Priority number) and another set focusing Failure Rate (λ) .

In the first one we asses the Occurrence , Severity and Detection rate to get the RPN number and based on that we predict reliability / corrective actions on the board .

In the second one we take Failure rate,Failure mode ratio..etc of boards from MIL standard documents and with that we calculate λs,λd,λdd,λdu .. etc and with that arrive at a safe failure fraction and based on this arrive at a reliability for board .

Can some one tell me whether my understanding is correct ? And which are the cases in which each of these templates are preferred . Pros and cons of both the methods . Any missing things that I didn't understand ... And any document / link that I can refer to get my basics right ??

Thanks in advance . :-D :)