FM radio TA2003 Configuration confusion

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    Dec 16, 2010
    Hi All,

    I have soldered the circuit for Tv Tuner demodulator (FM) as explained in web site
    _-= Uzzors2k =-_ Project Site
    The diagram i have attached as "Tv Tuner Radio" but mine is not working, i doubt author has forgotten the input at pin 15 of TA2003 IC (may be author is correct as it is FM RF output which is what input to pin1 from output) but another web site
    TA2003 AM/FM RADIO
    shows tank circuit connection to Pin15 (but tank circuit for Pin13 and and
    Pin 15 is different so at any time of tuning they would have different oscillating frequencies, as different coils and capacitor across)
    The figure is attached as "FM_Am_Radio".
    Please help me on this i am really frustrated with it, also you can see that in both approaches for Ceramic filter and Discriminator connections both authors have used different approaches, one used resistor with filter but other didn't, one used capacitor with discriminator but other used resistor. I also connected circuit for FM radio(not tuner) without connecting anything at pin15 but it's not working, i don't know how both authors are successful in their approach, i mean any one should be correct.