Flux Cored vs Solid Solder Wire

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Hi. I think I read somewhere that someone said that it was better to use the solid wire solder drag soldering rather than the flux cored kinds. There wasn't any explanation behind it, except that the flux should have already been added to the PCB separately in much larger amounts. I was just wondering if the flux core is needed to properly to properly wet the tip (or fill the hoof in the tip of the iron) before drag soldering. Like...the flux has to do something to the solder iron tip right? Remove oxidation or something? Or does it just shorten tip life?


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If you look at past threads discussing soldering, you will find that it is a very individualistic process. Everybody does it differently.

I prefer flux cored solder, and a small diameter for electronics work. Twenty-five thousandths diameter is good. I wet the tip for more efficient heat transfer. My tip is at leat 15 years old, so nothing I do seems to shorten tip life - I also use a wet sponge to clean it.

The explanation you read sounds like an attempt to duplicate reflow soldering, where the components are dragged over a standing wave of liquid solder after being preheated and doused with flux.

I would never use solid solder and separate flux, although it works for some.