Fluke 77 IV Questions

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by Sepp, Jun 21, 2014.

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    Jun 21, 2014
    Finally broke down and bought a new Fluke. Had always heard good things about them. Pretty happy with it. But have a couple of questions if someone has one. Read manuals front to back before turning on the meter. Perhaps I am too suffering from buyer remorse.

    - Using the MIN,MAX AVG function, I took reading of household outlet. Meter showed 126. beeped a couple of times, and I removed leads. I then used the MINMAX button to step through readings. MAX was 126, MIN was 0 but when I went to AVG it read 52 and then started incrementally counting downward. I was expecting the AVG of the HIGH and LOW readings. Am I missing something?

    - If I go to the mV DC. It will read 0.0 but any movement of my hand on face and around dial is immediately detected.

    - When reading Ohms, the meter indicates .1 when leads are held together. Is the meter that good?
    - Short of a having a calibration lab, are there checks I can make to make sure everything is good?


  2. nsaspook


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    There's nothing wrong with your meter. Watch a few videos on the operation of the functions for the 177 which operates in a similar fashion.

    The Fluke factory calibration on a new meter is to ISO/TS standards so it's fine. Your money was well spent. I've sent many a new Fluke meter to a accredited 3rd party calibration lab because someone didn't pay for the cal sheet with the new meter, they all have come back right on the money.

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