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    Aug 17, 2013
    I recently purchased a 'Fluke 189' (3yrs ago). I finally found the parts (LCD and input block) I needed on eBay from a dealer in AZ (a-fluke). He's got quite a bit of fluke parts, but he can't seem to help me with the last item I need. I'm looking for the LCD mask for the meter. Fluke Corp. has been less than helpful. They won't give me a part # and have treated me with open hostility. Telling me they will only give me $100 trade in toward a new 289 meter (at retail cost no less). Life time warranty??? I'm more than a little disappointed. They used to be customer oriented in the past (so I'm told), oh well I guess all things change, and not always for the better.
    So to the point! I need a mask for a Fluke 189 True RMS Meter. I am not opposed to using a used mask, as long as it isn't damaged. I would appreciate a helping hand. Oh, does anyone know what the fluke part # is/was? Thanks, Ivan

    Running cost so far:
    2009 - $15 Fluke 189 - purchased from a USAF salvage store near Omaha NE.
    2010-2012 - no parts (boo hoo!)
    2012 - $35 LCD (no mask, boo hoo.)
    2013 - $36 input block (almost there!)
    Total of +/- $86. (Still a deal?)
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