flsh read write problem

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    Jun 4, 2010
    I wanted to write charaters from an array in flash memory and then read from same location and then to be displayed at lcd.By characters I mean all the alphabets from A-Z in ascending and descending order.By click of a key the alphabets should start incrementing on the lcd and by click of another key they should be decremented.
    Means If I press a key say1 the alphabet to be displayed on lcd should be 'A' and if again I press key1 the next alphabet should be displayed i.e 'B'.Now,I want that the alphabet displayed on the lcd should be written by click of an key 'OK' at location (0xFF01) of the flash memory,read from same location and then displayed again on the lcd.
    At next location I will select another alphabet and would like to write it at next to first alphabet ,read it and then display.
    Similarly I wanted to form an string at end which should be seen on the lcd after thewrite & read operations.
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    We can not help you, if you do not give us more details.
    • Which controller unit do you use
    • which compiler/program language do you use
    • Details about your hardware and schematic
    • What you have done so far, post your existing code also if it do not work
    • Everything else that you do think can explain your problem better