flourescant to led conversion....

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I have an old drafting lamp that I have a wild hair about converting to leds. My idea is to create a tube, probably out of pex piping, to span the distance between the sides. A board of some sort inside with leds.

I understand that at 120v optimal, I wont get more than about 32 or so at 3.5 forward voltage. Using up all that ac, will I need anything else? I was thinking series...

It seems real simple, but being a noob, I know I might be missing something, hence my presence here! lol:D


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Well, frankly we recommend against building anything tied directly to the line. At a voltage of 3.5 and using about 20 ma, each LED needs only 70 milliwatts. Times 30 is only 2.1 watts. A 12 volt wall transformer that can output 200 ma can handle that kind of power. Put the LED's in strings of 3 with a 75 ohm limiting resistor in each, and there you are.