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    Jul 29, 2010
    i have a pair of display that cam from an olt cash refister from 1994 ish. i looked it up and it is a floresent indicator panel (FIP). it is model fip6a13(c). i read the info on it and conected the filemins to 12V DC and they glowed but hooking up the other leads that run the displays so nothing.
    i do not understand much about there becaus they're comparing it to a tride vacum tube witch i know nothing about. i have connected both +&- 12Vdc to both the grid and anode and nothing (with the filements powered also.
    is my voltage to low? or am i just doing somthing wrong. or do i need to conect it to a floresent inverter to run it? i have a hard time beleving it can take over 12 v to run the display (excluding the filiments) because there is al kinds of ICs conected to them. ( i am powering the panel direct bypasing any other parts.)

    here are the stats i looked up for this model

    NEC Electronics
    Vacuum Fluorescent Displays
    Package Style (Basic)=SIP
    Number of Digits=6.5
    Character Height (mm)=13
    Vsup Nom.(V) Supply Voltage=3.2
    Iseg (A) Segment Forward Cur.=120m
    Lv Typ.(fL) Luminance=200

    i also tryed uploading the pdf on it not sure it worked though so here is a link to a site where i got it.

    any ideas or explanasions apreciated.
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    Your lucky you didnt blow the fillaments as they are 3.2V on most of those types of display, the segments voltage can be around 90V DC.