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Hey People :)

My electronics learning is going well -- with all you guys help I have made and learnt a lot and wanna thankyou for your input :)

I have decided to learn about Flip-Flops, now I have some flip flop IC's but havn't found a good schematic diagram for a SIMPLE flip-flop circuit. I understand that a Flip-Flop has two stable states and is either on or off, like a switch, and is not like a transistor switch in that a transistor switch will only stay on while a current is applied to its Base.

I know that this is maybe asking a lot but if someone could supply me with, or tell me where to find, a simple Flip-Flop circuit that when a push button is pressed the flip-flop changes state and simply lights an LED. When the push button is pressed again the LED turns off. I think this is the simplest form that I can think of. When I have learned the basics of how to actually get a Flip-Flop to function I can then look further and expand my understanding from that simple circuit. I understand that a clean signal will have to be supplied to the Flip-Flop so a 555 monostable can be used ?

I have two Flip-Flop ICs:
74HC373 - Tri-State Octal D Flip-Flop
4013 - Flip Flop

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this matter :)
Thankyou in advance

- Alex


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davids page starts to explain flip flops on page 20 to quicken you search...took me a good while but some good info in the whole thing :)
thx l8er



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It's good to hear that you want to go ahead.

Keep in mind that there are three basic types of flip flops:

monostable (related with one shot applications)

bistable (related with data retention applications)

astable (related with clocks/oscilators)

Once you know what they do, then go for details on how they do it.

Otherwise you could be confused in the beginning.

Buena suerte.

Agustín Tomás

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Hey Peeps :)

Just wanted to say thanks for the information you have kindly provided :) I will get on the case of Flip-Flops throughout today.

Much appreciated :D

- Alex