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    I am new here, and have a project to do in a few weeks. I am building a homemade alarm system, and in order to program the codes for the alarm on/off, I need to hook a keypad to GAL 16 V8. The GAL will control the rest of the alarm, but I need to hook the JK FlipFlop to hold the numbers pressed until the GAL can use them. Unless you can help me find another way, I will have to use two of them in series to: 1. select the number, 2. hold the number until it is needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    we currently program a PAL10 chip as a GAL because of that very fact. The PAL chips are available, but you need a programmer that can do the PAL to GAL programming conversion.
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    You need to latch the number until cleared or used?

    There is no reason you cant use a flip flop.

    An AND gate can re-set the flip-flop once the "accepted" signal is raised, by using that and the flip-flops output as inputs into the AND.