Flip Flop Characteristic Equations

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An easy one.

I just try to understand how I can write a flip flop's characteristic equation with using its characteristic table ?

Could you explain how can i implement J K flip flop characteristic equation, with using J K flip flop characteristic table ?


My major job is about implementing the characteristic equations of custom(user defined) flip flops, whose characteristic table is given. I thought that J K ff would be a good example for me.


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for example i have a 2 input flip flop which is states are :
when 1, 1 = set state;
when 1, 0 = reset state;
when 0, 1 = complement;
when 0, 0 = no change.

i can draw its characteristic table, but i don't know how to get characteristic equation from its characteristic table.


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You may notice that there is also a clock input involved. Your typical J - K flip flop does not operate according to you table. You will need some external gates to control the J and K inputs so the flip flop will act as you wish.

Look up the data sheet for a 74XX73 to see how a J - K operates.