Flight Speed Control...assembly language help!

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    Jun 13, 2011
    Guys..i need help with the following assignment...urgent!

    A flight control system adjusts the throttle angle to control the engine speed using a microprocessor based system. The desired speed ( 0-0.8 MACH) is available measured with a POT connected to an 8 bit unsigned analogue to digital converter.
    Assume that the throttle valve fully open (90 degrees) is represented by $FF in the microprocessor and fully closed (0 degrees) by $00 and that it is proportional to the speed.
    Write a program using MC9S12C128 module and the freescale student board which initially switches a green led off and waits for the cruise control switch to be pressed. Then it switches the green led on and measures the current speed of the aeroplane (using a second POT).
    Following this, continue the program and provide a control loop so that the throttle valve angle is checked and the current speed is displayed using 8 LEDs. When the current speed is within 0.03 MACH of the desired engine speed the MSB should blink.
    An engine temperature sensor is simulated with the photo sensor. Each LSB represents 3 degrees of temperature, so that it ranges from $00 for zero degrees to $FF for 767 degrees. If the exhaust gas temperature of the jet engine is higher than 720 degrees, then a fault has occurred and the autopilot cannot control the speed anymore and will shut itself off. Continue the program by checking the temperature and advising the pilot by blinking two LEDs continuously if the described fault occurs.
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    Firstly - I think this should be in homework help.

    Secondly - nowhere in the problem you've been given does it say do it in assembler.

    Why is it urgent ?

    Provide what you've done so far to solve this and some pointers will probably come your way.
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    Just a pet peeve of mine...

    You don't write programs in "assembler", you write programs in assembly.

    An assembler is a computer program to translate between lower-level representations of computer programs.
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    Feb 10, 2009
    Yes I know - I did it for 15 years.