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This is my first post on your forum, so I would like to say hi. 1 of the nice names I have is martin, but feel free to call me what you want ;) I want to make a flickering LED fire, for a model railway layout. I have made one using 2 555 times and 2 LED’s, I played about with the circuits to get a "something like effect". I am new/in my first year of electronics and would like to know if it is possible to make this circuit using 1 IC and 1 LED? The circuit I made is a bit on the large side and I would like to reduce it as much as possible.



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Yes. You just have to use one 555 timer IC and one output LED (sourcing or sinking current. You can see in the "Projects Collection" a project that uses a 555 timer IC. Look for "Stroboscopic LED light". Also, you won't need t transistor, since the LM555 can source up to 200mA, more than enough to drive a LED.


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I recently had to make flickering lamps for a goldmine display (a substitute for old kerosene lamps). I used a PICAXE8 (8 pin pic) a surface mount 5 volt reg, and drove a 20 watt 12v capsule lamp via a Mosfet for each unit.
Was a tidy wee circuit, all fit inside a piece of heatshrink and the programming was quite basic.