Flickering flourescence with a difference

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    Mar 18, 2011
    The club I belong to has strip lights in the main(Steel container) club house run from a generator (2700watt Honda) in a second container separated by about 4 metres. the total cable run being about 30 metres from geny to furthest light. The installation is RDC protected at the geny end and also on entering the main club house. The wiring has been tested and conforms to IEE standards.
    The main club house has two 6 ft strip lights with two B&Q strips at the door way in. The geny container has two incandescent lights in bulkhead fittings,
    with all the main club house lights on all is well,when the incandescents are switched on at the same time the two B@Q purchased strips flicker.
    The club vacuum cleaner is the type where the speed can be altered, a test was done and at certain speeds the flicker decreased but did not stop and at other speed the flickering was worse. This I thought was down to waveform; as yet I have not been able to check.
    Has anyone suggestions as to a cure of the flickering, sensible answers please.
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    Fluorescent lamps can have capacitors inside to compensate for the powerfactor.
    When these capacitors get old the fluorescent lamp will start to flikker and even go off when the capacitor is realy bad (often they are leaking).

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    Check the starters. They would look like (if you have them) a little white cap sticking out of the light frame.


    If that doesn't work, then maybe the ballast.