Flash Programmer Circuit

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I'm after an AT89 programmer kit that would be a good intro in embedded programming and MCU hardware.

This one looks pretty versatile but how do you boot it? It seems that another programmer is needed to flash the firmware onto it before it will be able to program anything else, which kind of defeats the point because if i had one i would need to build another!

I need to learn more about RS232 interfacing, but should it not be possible to program this kind of chip with simpler hardware, using PC software to syncronise the flashing?


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The programmer already has a processor on it with the required firmware already loaded. Your PC communicate with that processor and programs the blank processor in one of the ZIF sockets.

Many of the parts in the ATMEL 8051 family have the ability to flash themselves with firmware already on the chip through the on board serial port. We use these members of the ATMEL family exclusively.



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I don't know specifically about that particular kit. In general it is not uncommon for there to be a multilevel process where more powerful programs are loaded into a device with simpler ones. I know from the list of devices that the programmer programs that those supported devices cannot be directly programmed from a PC. The datasheet will have the programming procedure and you will be able to identify the pins and the conditions on those pins which are part of the algorithm. If the kit is supplied with firmware it may be an upgrade to what is placed in the chip when it comes from the factory. This is just informed speculation on my part. I'm perfectly willing to admit that I don't know for sure.