FItting an outdoor switch

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i recently brought an outdoor switch, to operate an electrical pump. i was wondering if someone could shed some light on how i should connect it up.

it has a very small diagram on the side and a numbering system as shown in the attached image. i think its 1 live, 2 neutral,3 earth, but wanted to make sure before i connected it

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My interpretation is:
1 = switched live to the load,
2 = swithced live to second load = no connection in this application, and
3 = live in.
Hard to be certain from that diagram, though. The numbers are a bit askew.


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It appears to be what is called a three way switch in the USA. If the terminals in your schematic were labeled better it would help, but I see 1. as line, this is power in. 2. or 3. go to load and the return is common(the other wire from power in). Should you want to run a second switch on the other end or side of wall or whatever you would run 2. to 2. and 3. to 3. and put your load on 1. of the second switch then use common to complete the curcuit. in this later example you now have two switched (stations) where you can control the load at both stations to do this use three wire between switches.