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Hi all!

Today I bought a toy keyboard from a thrift store and it works great, but it doesn't have any output other than the speaker. My first thought was to somehow swap the speaker for a 1/4" mono jack like you would find on an electric guitar. This would allow me to run the keyboard through an amp and have twice as much fun with it. :)

So I haven't opened the keyboard up yet but assuming there are two wires running into the speaker, could I just detach those wires and attach them to the jack? Would that work or is there more to it?

I've never done anything like this before and my knowledge of electronics is that of a beginner. Any advice or resources would be hugely appreciated.



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You need line level voltage, not the level driving the speaker.
If the unit has a Volume control, then a line level voltage is most likely present there... otherwise you could attenuate the speaker output with a voltage divider using a couple of resistors... something like 47 - 100k from the speaker + wire to the line out, and perhaps a 10K from there to ground (-ve wire to speaker...hopefully)