First LM393 comparator circuit issues

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I have a LM393 hook up to turn an LED on when the Vin voltage is higher than the Vref voltage. The Vcc of the LM393 is connected to 12V. The Vef voltage is sitting at 11.5V (volt divider with a pot to tune this). My Vin is sitting at 11.8V, which mean my output LED should be on (pulled up using 1K). The LED however won't turn on....If i change the Vef down to 10.8V, the LED (output high) will turn on. This tell me that I have a problem with an offset...I'm just not sure if that problem is with the offset between the vin and vref or if it has sometime to do with 11.8 being so close to 12V?
Not sure what the trouble is?


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No need to change the comparator.
Just lower the reference voltage and adopt the to be checked voltage to it with a voltage divider.