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I assume you already have some type of electronic lock?

Assuming this isn't to protect a high security area, why not use one of these? This can also be found here with free shipping if you're in the U.S. and have an Amazon Prime account. Runs $50 USD vs. $228 USD.

Is necessary connect this module with microcontroler?
Yes. What is your level of experience with electronics and programming?

How can add or delete users?
Referring to the module I suggested above, it appears you simply send a command from the microcontroller and have the user press his or her finger to the sensor three times. You could simply add a button to the hardware so when pressed it sends the add a user command. Being you might not want any yahoo to add users willy nilly, you may instead opt to add a keypad so a code must be entered to allow a new user to be added.

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Thanks for the help :) I have some experience with microcontroler PIC so that fingerprint scanner is a good choice. But tell me, I have make some research and I cant kill my doubt yet, I see a lot of fingerprint reader modules, similar to your and mine, all need the microcontroler? Best regards!