finding the node voltages

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how can I find all the node voltages in this circuit with 2 dependent sources, I wanna use the nodal analysis method. Should i use supermesh and supernode in this circuit for the dependent sources?



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If you want to use a nodal analysis you shoudl use supernode.
Also you can use Norton theory to replace all voltage source with current source and parallel resistor


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Be sure to note that you have a total of seven nodes (including ground). It is easy to overlook the nodes between the independent voltage sources and the resistors just below them.

One thing to get in the habit of doing is to see if there are ways you can simplify the circuit. This not only means looking for things that are in series/parallel that can be combined or source transformations that can be made, but also looking for parts of the circuit that don't matter or that can be ignored at least temporarily.

For instance, the dependent current source in the middle establishes the voltage between v2 and v3. This means that the presence of the 2Ω resistor just above it has absolutely no effect on the rest of the circuit and can be ignored. Once you have the rest of the circuit analyzed, you can come back to it and find the current flowing in it (all of which is coming from the dependent voltage source).

You can also swap the order of the two independent voltage sources and the resistors just below them. That makes two of your node equations trivial. Thus leaving you with just four non-trivial nodes to deal with. Again, once you are done, it is a simple matter to go back to the original circuit and find the actual voltages at the nodes you modified.