Finding the Energy in Capacitor?

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I am having trouble with the following question:
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For the first question i got the answers for a) however the energy for the 20 and 40 micro ohms capacitors are incorrect.

This is what i did:

sub 0.5 into the equations that i got for a) and i get
v1 = 840.150v
v2 = 208.030v

w_12 = 0.5 * (12 * 10^-9) * v1^2

w_20 = 0.5 * (20 * 10^-9) * v2^2

w_40 = 0.5 * (40 * 10^-9) * v2^2

Question 2 how would i start it?



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A hint for (2) is to equate the equations of the energy of the capacitor with the energy of the inductor to find a relationship between the voltage across the capacitor and the current though the inductor. Also, at steady state the voltage across the inductor is zero and the current through the capacitor is zero.