Finding that needle (wire) in a haystack (bundle)

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I've got this unit in my area that after test seems to have but one wire out of place. These wires are bundled into multiple harnesses so you cannot see them or do a "pull one end and see what wiggles" test. The ends are encased in connectors, I can test the connector pins.

Is anyone aware of a non-touch wire tracing tool?

The only tracing tool I have is a Christmas light tester, I have no idea how it works but it can find wires that are line connected (my fan cord, a USB cable) while ignoring wires not connected (my meter and leads). It may work to track down an errant wire to a small area.


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I can't quite envision what you're describing - however, maybe cirrus has something that can help.

I used the Cirris CH2 testers extensively a few years back... and they worked great... highly recommended. Some of their other stuff might do the trick for your application.