finding equivalent Ic


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First, we start with what exactly those chips are. Datasheets attached.

Then we go to "Projects", second page, where I asked for exactly the same thing (for two different chips) 3 days ago, and got nothing for an answer. Apparently the answer is, "Not Frankly Likely", but you never know. There are some pretty smart denizens on this site.


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SN75374 is an active part; TI's making them.
Arrow Electronics has them in stock:

Futurlec apparently has some LM3909's in stock:
but their customer service is terrible, they charge your credit card right away, and your shipment might not arrive for months. Futurlec is not an authorized distributor for National, so I have sincere doubts if they are the "real thing".

The LM3909 was discontinued years ago.
Here is a discrete equivalent of an LM3909:

Although you'd be better off to just use something like a CMOS 555 timer.


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From the other thread that you started:
I am a mechanic (for) medical equipment
Please help me with an equivalent Ic to SN75374N
its used (in) a portable ultra sound machine
this ic SN75374N used in a prob circuit board
this ic is (dead) (short circuit) it is not available in Pakistan
please suggest an equivalent IC
how (can) I find the equivalent electronics component?
This will be hard for us to do. We have no idea what might be available in Pakistan. Besides this, I do not know of another MOSFET gate driver that has the same exact function.

Can you order parts from Singapore or India?
Mouser in Singapore has SN75374N ICs available: