Finding Damping Factor, Circuits Stability etc.

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    So I am in circuits II class and we are learning about analyzing RLC circuits using Laplace Transforms and then using that to find circuit stability, damping factor (zeta).... I understand how to find this using the form:

    s^2 + 2ζωs + ω^2

    from the denominator of a function, however I don't understand when analyzing a circuit, which variable to solve for.

    Like in this problem:

    It was easy, after finding V(s), I just analyzed the denominator using the above form to find zeta and omega.

    However, in this problem:

    We are asked to find a value basically of a dependent current source that will provide several different ranges. Here I don't know where to start. Like sure I can write some equations, but which one do I use to analyze for zeta?
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    It's a fairly simple matter to upload pdf files direct to the AAC site. Trying to access your images through the links supplied in your post is an unnecessarily laborious task.