Finding a Unknown Inductor Equation

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Well I've got the formula F = 1 / 2pi sqrt L x C
and need rearrange to find L but dont really know if my answer is correct.


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Is this for a simple, air core inductor with a single winding?

Or to determine the Fo of an LC circuit?

I see both your formulas have f and C in your equations. I must admit I do not understand the question you are asking.

There is a formula for a wound air coil of Length L and diameter d with a winding density factor.

There is a formula for an inductor wound on a ferrite core, but the permiability of the core would be needed.

The resonant frequency, \(F_o=\frac{1}{2 \pi sqrt{L C}}\)

Please be more verbose with your question, explaining what you do know, and what you'd like to figure out.

First, keep in mind: \(\omega=2\pi F\) and \(F=\frac{\omega}{2\pi}\)

--ETA: Your Post #3 states you want to solve \(F_o=\frac{1}{2 \pi sqrt{L C}\)

The equation is derived from:


to get L out, we need to square both sides:


now we can "swap" the left with the denominator


woops, moved one too many:

\(L=\frac{1}{\omega^2 C}\)

Obviously, the formula is the same to find C if you know f and L

\(C=\frac{1}{\omega^2 L}\)
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I also didn't understood your question...
Anyway to find out inductance for a coil you can use Wheeler's Formula

Inductance (\mu H) = {{0.8(NA)^2} \over {6A + 9B + 10C}}

N = number of turns
A = average coil radius
B = coil length
C = coil thickness

All quantities are in inches and the result is in microhenries \((\mu H)\).

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The OP's problem appears to be stated in terms of the resonant frequency in a tuned circuit, not the coil's construction.