Find voltage/current across capacitor/inductor

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Sorry for the bad pic. It wants me to find the voltage across the capacitor and the currents through L1 (the top inductor) and L2 (bottom) under DC conditions.

I started by making the capacitor an open circuit and making the inductors short circuits. Im not really sure if this is allowed in this case. I transformed the current source into a voltage source also, so I had V=10 and R=5. So i solved for I = 10/(5+15) = .5A. I used that current to find the voltage at the node above the 15 ohm resistor, 10 - .5(5) = 7.5 V. I used that voltage for my capacitor value.

For the inductors, since i treated them as short circuits, I got my I value (.5A) for the current through both. Did I do this correctly? My book does not have any examples on this sort of problem and any help would be appreciated, thanks.