final year project! pls help!

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    Jul 22, 2007
    hi. i would like to ask how do i connect two 7-segment LEDs to a tuner (usually used to adjust volume in radio that kind) in such a way that when i keep tuning towards the left side, the numbers in the 7-segment will decrease per tune. and when i keep tuning towards the right side, the numbers in the 7-segment will increase per tune. how do i make the tuner and 7-segment LEDs connect and communicate?

    another thing i would like to ask is how do air pressure massager works? what kind of device would be suitable to make the device inflate and deflate with air? what kind of microprocessor is needed? and is programming required? :confused:
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    For the display, you need a device on the tuner shaft that will signal as the shaft turns. You can set it up to indicate tuning up or down, so you can control whether the signal applies an up or down count to a pair of counter IC's. Connecting the counters to a pair of display drivers and then the displays is pretty easy.

    The only problem is that you can't really get tuning information - just a purely arbitrary indication about position between end points.

    Don't know anything about the massager.
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    it's nice to see that im not the only one nervous about my final year project heheh. But what I can say is that you'll need a micro for both and you'll need to do programming for certain in asm or c.

    For the tuning you'll need to know about ADC for a micro of your choice. I believe you should be be able to use a potentiometer to control the current which in turn controls the voltage levels that the micro can pick up and make sense of.
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    I could help you if you are willing to use microcontroller and a pot for the value. I usually use mikrobasic and assembly and program PIC microcontrollers.