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    Mar 23, 2011
    Hello, I am new to the forum. I need help with my EE class Circuit 1 or also known as Circuit Analysis. I need help via lessons or books to help me pass my final so that I can get out of my hard Circuits 1 lab class. I have 2 different teachers for Circuits and one of them is easy while the other my lab teacher is hard. I need a C to pass the class. I took a midterm exam today and I could only answer 4 out of 7. I don't know if I got them all right. IT was very hard. The test was over Kirchhoff's Laws - Loop and Nodal Analysis, Voltage and Current Division , Linearity and Superposition Theorem, Thevenin Equivalent and Maximum Power Transfer, and Transient Response of RC Circuit.

    Now my last exam is on these right here because we only got 2 exams total in the class:

    Resonance in RLC Circuits
    Lowpass & Highpass Filters
    Bandpass Filters
    Impedance Measurement

    I was wondering if all the material on the main site would help me pass my final exam with an B or higher. My lab exams is written with alot of theory and procedures included. Next month is critical because I have to do well in my circuits lab class and pass my Physics class with a total of 508 points or higher to get a C. Yes it is rididuculous.(LOL: I know I spelt ridiculous wrong, but it is the truth) Thank you for the time in helping me a future graduate of EE.

    P.S. Is Schaum's Outline books helpful?