Filter material for ventilator

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    Oct 30, 2009
    i want to get more into making pcb's and soldering them etc,

    i have my work room upstairs at the end of my games room, where i have a few arcade machines, and in the other upstairs room i foster small animals,

    i'l like to be able to safely etch pcb's at my desk up there, i'll be using sodium presulphate as the acid, and will be making a vertical bubble etch tank, so i want to vent any fumes out of the building, likewise for solder fumes, dont want to dammage my arcade machines by making a metal eating acid rich atmosphere (i know that's more likely with ferric chloride) and i deffo dont want the fumes getting into the animal room.

    Right the other side of a plaster board wall to where i have my work bench is a roof flue terminal left over from when the new boiler was put in, new boilers flue goes out the wall, so the old flue is left unused, it's a 100mm outer diamiter metal pipe, going up through the roof tiles, with a top hat type terminal to stop rain entering,

    i was thinking of attatching some tumble drier vent hose to the terminal, bringing it through the plaster board wall that is between the games room and the attic space (dormer bungalow) an inline variable speed fan, and something to hold the tube over what ever item i want to extract fumes from.. i.e. generaly over the bench for soldering, directly over the etching tank for pcb etching.

    but i'm worried about corrosive fumes getting to dammage the can and metal pipe that goes through the roof,

    so idealy i want some kind of filter that will trap corrosive fumes,
    but what to use as the filter media??