Film at 11:00


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Paper maps - knowing how to fold a map

record stores

Local news weather showing the radar image without state lines, highways and major city centers.


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We used to buy prepaid scratch cards for the internet at that time. BDT 200 for only a few hours. The speed was nothing compared to what we have today.
Bangladesh? You are the first person from Bangladesh that I can remember ever seeing on this forum, or on the whole internet. I actually wondered if Bangladesh had internet.

I don't remember scratch cards for internet but we used to get CDs from America Online (AOL) for x hours of free dialup. And that reminds me:



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I've experienced the start of TV, solid-state electronics, computers and the internet.
I wonder if today's generation will experience any break-through technology, such as one of those(?).
Likewise, but when you put it like that i suddenly felt old, which generally i dont. (internally I'm still 25, but that's a discussion for another thread).

I'd add
- 1st man in space
- moon landing (and just maybe again 'soon')
- CP/M & OS/2
- VT100 & 3270 terminals
- cell phones without sms
- PAL colour TV
- press button A
- press button B


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I miss paper maps ... the tiny screen of a smartphone, or even that of a desktop, will never compare to the practicality of being able to quickly find a place and get a sense of proportions of the trip one plans to make.
I love paper maps. My ambition is to collect all 204, but I don't allow myself to buy them unless I've actually visited the area.