Fill up display timer

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Hi everyone. I'm wanting to learn about the PIC chip so
I thought I would start with a simple? project.

I'm looking for a how to on building a "fill up" light.
I would like to use three 10 bar LEDs (see parts list below)
and have each bar light, and remain on, from 1 to 30 with a
one {adjustable} second delay between each light. When #30 has
been energized there is a two {adjustable} second delay and the
process starts all over again. (maybe 1 second after 30
lights up I could beep a buzzer?)

This will be used as a timer for a project where you
need to answer a question before the lights go out.

I have an old bread board, PIC16F688, a PICkit2 and some other
donated stuff, could someone point me to information on how to
do this?

Thank you.

parts list: