Field-effect-controlled thyristors not fabricated

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    In Volume III - Semiconductors > Chapter 7: THYRISTORS > Field-effect-controlled thyristors (also known as MCTs - MOS controlled thyristors) I suggest to mention that they are not available as power devices because of thermal instabilities that prevent their turn-off.
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    Feb 24, 2006
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    Can you provide some more information (reliable web-sites, books) relating to why you say this?

    I am also interested in the opinions of others on this matter.

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    I have been researching MOS Controlled Thyristors for some lesson notes that I need soon.

    General Electric apparently did some feasibility studies in 1996 but I can't find any commercially available devices from GE or anyone else. I did find a couple of Harris Semiconductor datasheets for MCTs but they have declared them to be "obsolete" (circa 1993) - maybe because their devices were fizzers? I have not been able to turn up anything else that is substantial evidence of these devices being available from production runs.

    The Solidtron datasheet reference mentioned got me going. Yes there is a Solidtron website that proudly announces that they have been making semiconductors from the same facility dating back to 1920's......but that doesn't make sense! SOmeone needs a history lesson. And it was a GE facility? And if you look at some of the datasheets on the Solidtron site....looks like some botched jobs there! eg

    Quite frankly, I've never heard of Silicon Power before and I don't think I would feel confident in buying anything from them. ON Semiconductor seems to have the thyristor market well in hand now but absolutley nothing from ON Semiconductor in the way of MCTs shown on

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    The corporate bio page and contact information page at Solidtron suggest that English is not their first language. The actual claim seems to be for a facility built in the 20s which now makes chips, not that chips were made in the 20s. I sent an eMail to them requesting clarification, and requesting comment on thermal instability of MOS controlled thyristors in power applications.

    We'll see if they respond.