FET for use with Arduino

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    May 26, 2011
    Hello :)

    I'm in need of some help choosing a FET...

    What I want to do is: Use Arduino's PWM signal to regulate the voltage on computer fans

    Input voltage is of course 12V :p

    For each fan:

    Voltage: 12V max
    Current: 0.7A max

    Eight fans in total (5,6A, maybe round up to 6A)

    On some other forums I've read that in order to regulate the voltage with PWM and a FET i need to use a Frequency dependent potential divider as low pass filter... and a FET connected to that

    I have not been told how to connect the FET to the divider.

    I'm guessing that the divider is connected to the PWM Out on the arduino and the FET to the divider.

    So, can you guys tell me which FET to use, and how to hook up everything? :)