Ferrite Core Transformer Design

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Hi !
    I have a project to design a Ferrite Core transformer the design would be like a fractal planar transformer . Basically what i have to design is a circuit to charge a mobile phone battery wirelessely. So the one of the PCB desing transformer should be on the planar core and the other would be on the bottom of the battery so when i place the battery on the transformer which is on the Planar core it should charge the battery and it has to give a constant 3.7 V otherwise battery wont be charged. LLC resonant converter has to be design as well which will convert the DC voltage into AC which transformer requires, but that desing has already been done so thats not a problem. Plus i will need a rectifier to convert the AC voltage back into DC which has also been dont so thats not a problem either! Please Please if anyone can help in anyone would be really appreciated. I am on the MSN too if someome needs to help it that way please help me! i need urgent help! Please!
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    Yes you definitely need to get started ASAP.
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    An assigned project with a deadline sounds like homework?

    People on will happily help you toward finding info so you can do your own design, but they will not give you a ready-made answer or do your homework for you.
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    Apr 29, 2010
    Hi i am at the initial stage of transformer design!