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    Oct 27, 2009
    Hello all:

    This would be my first big project that I want to build and I have a little bit working knowledge about electronics.

    Basically this is going to be a two stage build, one to build the test box and the other the ohm meters and develop from there. I attached a copy of my drawing of what I would like to build. I am missing two items that I will describe. I basically have a three conductor cord that I need to test the resistance. During a tournament, I have to test each line, one at a time, if I could build this tester I could test all three lines at once and cut down the time I spend on each cord.

    According to the rule of the sport each line cannot be no more than 1Ω for each line. So I would like to build an ohm meter That would go up to say 15Ω. Now, my question is, what kind of panel meter do I use for an ohm meter (DC Volts, Ammeter, ect)? I want to include a push buttons in the system to calibrate the system back to zero. Is it also possible to have a buzzer go off when the resistance exceeds a certain point (could it be adjustable by a dial)? Is this something that I should put on a circuit board or just make a rat's nest out of wires?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi there Mr. P,
    We recently went through a project very much like this with another new poster.

    Have a look at this thread; I think you'll find it quite helpful:

    It's certainly less expensive, less complicated, and more reliable than a piece of test gear with multiple meter movements.
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    Oct 27, 2009

    I just typed in "fencing" at the end of the day and realized that you guys did it already. Sorry for the double post, just didn't think someone else was building the same thing. Not often I find stuff for fencing. Thanks again.