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    Hey all. I have this assingment about feedback circuits including opamps. The procedure is very straightforward, but it all depends on identifying correctly the feedback topology, and theres where i feel a little unsure. This exercise im sending you assume an non-ideal opamp...and i have saw my professor solve this saying that the topology is current/voltage (or Paralel/Paralel). Well if the opamp was ideal, i could perfectly understand the train of thought (assuming an short circuit voltagewise between the terminals, and bla bla), but since its an non-ideal kinda lost. I'm hoping you guys could guide me through this, i would be very grateful.

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    The starting point would be to know the equivalent circuit of the non-ideal opamp. Do you know how to make one using the parameters given in the problem?

    If not, you can't go anywhere, and you need to find this out.

    If you do know the equivalent circuit, just redraw the circuit, but replace the non-ideal equivalent circuit in place of the OPAMP symbol. Then it's just a matter of solving the circuit equations.