Fan Remote Wiring

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I recently bought a new Hunter fan with remote. I currently have 3 light switches operating the lights (3 ways) and 2 different 3 ways to operate the fan.

The remote receiver only has two wire inputs: hot and neutral, and three outputs, hot neutral, and light. The current fan (not remote) uses all three: hot, neutral and light.

If I wired the hot from the light switch circuit to the fan light, and remote receiver light out wire would that cause a problem? I know that if the light switch was on that it would override the remote. My concern is any problems with the neutral of the light coming from the remote receiver light out, and not the wall neutral directly. I wasn't sure if the hot from the light could feedback through the remote receiver.

The only reason for the remotes is that the fans are hanging from a 12 foot ceiling and are about 8 feet off the floor to change the speed.


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In general, the hot wire has the switch and neutral is always connected.
I suggest you check with an ohm meter (continuity meter). Also, make sure you use approved wire connectors and all connections are within an approved electrical box or housing. Fan motors can cause vibrations and loosen connections so make sure they are tight.

I feel your pain with this layout - I have similar switch set up and I eventually wired it as described by the fan mfg but bought additional remotes to mount by each switch (in their little mounting buckets).


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If the remote receiver is in the fan housing then it shouldn't make any difference what type of switch you have on the wall.